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Deuteronomy 32:50


You will die 1  on the mountain that you ascend and join your deceased ancestors, 2  just as Aaron your brother died on Mount Hor 3  and joined his deceased ancestors,


Ge 15:15; Ge 25:8,17; Ge 49:33; Nu 20:24-29; Nu 33:38; Da 12:13

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tn In the Hebrew text the forms translated “you will die…and join” are imperatives, but the actions in view cannot really be commanded. The imperative is used here in a rhetorical, emphatic manner to indicate the certainty of Moses’ death on the mountain. On the rhetorical use of the imperative see IBHS 572 §34.4c.

tn Heb “be gathered to your people.” The same phrase occurs again later in this verse.

sn Mount Hor. See note on the name “Moserah” in Deut 10:6.

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