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Deuteronomy 23:14


For the Lord your God walks about in the middle of your camp to deliver you and defeat 1  your enemies for you. Therefore your camp should be holy, so that he does not see anything indecent 2  among you and turn away from you.


Ge 17:1; Le 26:12; 2Co 6:16

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tn Heb “give [over] your enemies.”

tn Heb “nakedness of a thing”; NLT “any shameful thing.” The expression עֶרְוַת דָּבָר (’ervat davar) refers specifically to sexual organs and, by extension, to any function associated with them. There are some aspects of human life that are so personal and private that they ought not be publicly paraded. Cultically speaking, even God is offended by such impropriety (cf. Gen 9:22-23; Lev 18:6-12, 16-19; 20:11, 17-21). See B. Seevers, NIDOTTE 3:528-30.

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