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Deuteronomy 20:11


If it accepts your terms 1  and submits to you, all the people found in it will become your slaves. 2 


Le 25:42-46; Jos 9:22,23,27; Jos 11:19,20; Jos 16:10; Jud 1:28,30-35; 1Ki 9:21,22; Ps 120:7; Lu 19:14

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tn Heb “if it answers you peace.”

tn Heb “become as a vassal and will serve you.” The Hebrew term translated slaves (מַס, mas) refers either to Israelites who were pressed into civil service, especially under Solomon (1 Kgs 5:27; 9:15, 21; 12:18), or (as here) to foreigners forced as prisoners of war to become slaves to Israel. The Gibeonites exemplify this type of servitude (Josh 9:3-27; cf. Josh 16:10; 17:13; Judg 1:28, 30-35; Isa 31:8; Lam 1:1).

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