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Deuteronomy 17:15


you must select without fail 1  a king whom the Lord your God chooses. From among your fellow citizens 2  you must appoint a king – you may not designate a foreigner who is not one of your fellow Israelites. 3 


1Sa 9:15-17; 1Sa 10:24; 1Sa 16:12,13; 2Sa 5:2; 1Ch 12:23; 1Ch 22:10; 1Ch 28:5; Ps 2:2,6; Jer 2:25; Jer 30:21; Mt 22:17

NET © Notes

tn The Hebrew text uses the infinitive absolute for emphasis, indicated in the translation by the words “without fail.”

tn Heb “your brothers,” but not referring to siblings (cf. NIV “your brother Israelites”; NLT “a fellow Israelite”). The same phrase also occurs in v. 20.

tn Heb “your brothers.” See the preceding note on “fellow citizens.”

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