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Deuteronomy 13:15


you must by all means 1  slaughter the inhabitants of that city with the sword; annihilate 2  with the sword everyone in it, as well as the livestock.


Ex 22:20; Ex 23:24; Le 27:28; De 2:34; De 7:2,16; Jos 6:17-21,24; Jud 20:48; Re 17:16; Re 18:18-24; Re 19:2,3

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tn The Hebrew text uses the infinitive absolute for emphasis, indicated in the translation by the words “by all means.” Cf. KJV, NASB “surely”; NIV “certainly.”

tn Or “put under divine judgment. The Hebrew word (חֵרֶם, kherem) refers to placing persons or things under God’s judgment, usually to the extent of their complete destruction.Though primarily applied against the heathen, this severe judgment could also fall upon unrepentant Israelites (cf. the story of Achan in Josh 7). See also the note on the phrase “divine judgment” in Deut 2:34.

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