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Deuteronomy 12:5


But you must seek only the place he 1  chooses from all your tribes to establish his name as his place of residence, 2  and you must go there.


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NET © Notes

tn Heb “the Lord your God.” The pronoun has been used in the translation for stylistic reasons to avoid redundancy.

tc Some scholars, on the basis of v. 11, emend the MT reading שִׁכְנוֹ (shikhno, “his residence”) to the infinitive construct לְשָׁכֵן (lÿshakhen, “to make [his name] to dwell”), perhaps with the 3rd person masculine singular sf לְשַׁכְּנוֹ (lÿshakÿno, “to cause it to dwell”). Though the presupposed nounשֵׁכֶן (shekhen) is nowhere else attested, the parallel here with שַׁמָּה (shammah, “there”) favors retaining the MT as it stands.

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