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Deuteronomy 11:22


For if you carefully observe all of these commandments 1  I am giving you 2  and love the Lord your God, live according to his standards, 3  and remain loyal to him,


Ge 2:24; De 6:17; De 10:20; De 11:13; De 30:20; Mt 22:37; Ac 11:23; 2Co 11:2,3; 2Ti 4:8; 1Jo 5:2,3

NET © Notes

tn Heb “this commandment.” See note at Deut 5:30.

tn Heb “commanding you to do it.” For stylistic reasons, to avoid redundancy, “giving” has been used in the translation and “to do it” has been left untranslated.

tn Heb “walk in all his ways” (so KJV, NIV); TEV “do everything he commands.”

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