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Deuteronomy 11:1


You must love the Lord your God and do what he requires; keep his statutes, ordinances, and commandments 1  at all times.


Le 8:35; De 4:1,5,40; De 6:1; De 6:5; De 10:12; De 30:16-20; Ps 105:45; Ps 116:1; Zec 3:7; Lu 1:74,75

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tn This collocation of technical terms for elements of the covenant text lends support to its importance and also signals a new section of paraenesis in which Moses will exhort Israel to covenant obedience. The Hebrew term מִשְׁמָרוֹת (mishmarot, “obligations”) sums up the three terms that follow – חֻקֹּת (khuqot), מִשְׁפָּטִים (mishppatim), and מִצְוֹת (mitsot).

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