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Daniel 3:27


Once the satraps, prefects, governors, and ministers of the king had gathered around, they saw that those men were physically 1  unharmed by the fire. 2  The hair of their heads was not singed, nor were their trousers damaged. Not even the smell of fire was to be found on them!


1Sa 17:46,47; 2Ki 19:19; Ps 83:18; Ps 96:7-9; Isa 26:11; Isa 43:2; Da 3:2,3; Mt 10:30; Lu 21:17,18; Ac 2:6-12; Ac 26:26; Ac 27:34; Heb 11:34

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tn Aram “in their bodies.”

tn Aram “the fire did not have power.”

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