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Daniel 11:18


Then he will turn his attention 1  to the coastal regions and will capture many of them. But a commander 2  will bring his shameful conduct to a halt; in addition, 3  he will make him pay for his shameful conduct. 4 


Ge 10:4,5; Jud 1:7; Jer 2:10; Jer 31:10; Eze 27:6; Ho 12:14; Zep 2:11; Mt 7:2

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tn Heb “his face.” See v. 19 as well.

sn The commander is probably the Roman commander, Lucius Cornelius Scipio.

tn The Hebrew here is difficult in that the negative בִּלְתִּי (biltiy, “not”) is used in an unusual way. The sense is not entirely clear.

tn Heb “his shameful conduct he will return to him.”

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