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Daniel 1:7


But the overseer of the court officials renamed them. He gave 1  Daniel the name Belteshazzar, Hananiah he named Shadrach, Mishael he named Meshach, and Azariah he named Abednego. 2 


Ge 41:45; 2Ki 23:34; 2Ki 24:17; Da 1:3,10,11; Da 2:49; Da 3:12-30; Da 4:8; Da 5:12

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tc The LXX and Vulgate lack the verb here.

sn The meanings of the Babylonian names are more conjectural than is the case with the Hebrew names. The probable etymologies are as follows: Belteshazzar means “protect his life,” although the MT vocalization may suggest “Belti, protect the king” (cf. Dan 4:8); Shadrach perhaps means “command of Aku”; Meshach is of uncertain meaning; Abednego means “servant of Nego.” Assigning Babylonian names to the Hebrew youths may have been an attempt to erase from their memory their Israelite heritage.

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