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Colossians 1:25


I became a servant of the church according to the stewardship 1  from God – given to me for you – in order to complete 2  the word of God,


Ro 15:15-18; Ro 15:19; 1Co 9:17; Ga 2:7,8; Eph 3:2; Col 1:23; 1Th 3:2; 1Ti 4:6; 2Ti 4:2-5

NET © Notes

tn BDAG 697 s.v. οἰκονομία 1.b renders the term here as “divine office.”

tn See BDAG 828 s.v. πληρόω 3. The idea here seems to be that the apostle wants to “complete the word of God” in that he wants to preach it to every person in the known world (cf. Rom 15:19). See P. T. O’Brien, Colossians, Philemon (WBC), 82.

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