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Amos 2:8


They stretch out on clothing seized as collateral; they do so right 1  beside every altar! They drink wine bought with the fines they have levied; they do so right in the temple 2  of their God! 3 


Ex 22:26,27; De 24:12-17; Jud 9:27; Isa 57:7; Eze 18:7,12; Eze 23:41; Ho 4:8; Am 6:4; Am 6:6; 1Co 8:10; 1Co 10:7,21

NET © Notes

tn The words “They do so right” are supplied twice in the translation of this verse for clarification.

tn Heb “house.”

tn Or “gods.” The Hebrew term אֱלֹהֵיהֶם (’elohehem) may be translated “their gods” (referring to pagan gods), “their god” (referring to a pagan god, cf. NAB, NIV, NLT), or “their God” (referring to the God of Israel, cf. NASB, NRSV).

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