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Acts 7:29


When the man said this, 1  Moses fled and became a foreigner 2  in the land of Midian, where he became the father of two sons.


Ex 2:14-22; Ex 4:19,20; Ex 18:2-4

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tn Grk “At this word,” which could be translated either “when the man said this” or “when Moses heard this.” Since λόγος (logos) refers to the remark made by the Israelite, this translation has followed the first option.

tn Or “resident alien.” Traditionally πάροικος (paroiko") has been translated “stranger” or “alien,” but the level of specificity employed with “foreigner” or “resident alien” is now necessary in contemporary English because a “stranger” is a person not acquainted with someone, while an “alien” can suggest science fiction imagery.

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