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Acts 7:25


He thought his own people 1  would understand that God was delivering them 2  through him, 3  but they did not understand. 4 


1Sa 14:45; 1Sa 19:5; 2Ki 5:1; Ps 106:7; Mr 9:32; Lu 9:45; Lu 18:34; Ac 14:27; Ac 15:4,7; Ac 21:19; Ro 15:18; 1Co 3:9; 1Co 15:10; 2Co 6:1; Col 1:29

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tn Grk “his brothers.”

tn Grk “was granting them deliverance.” The narrator explains that this act pictured what Moses could do for his people.

tn Grk “by his hand,” where the hand is a metaphor for the entire person.

sn They did not understand. Here is the theme of the speech. The people did not understand what God was doing through those he chose. They made the same mistake with Joseph at first. See Acts 3:17; 13:27. There is good precedent for this kind of challenging review of history in the ancient scriptures: Ps 106:6-46; Ezek 20; and Neh 9:6-38.

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