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Acts 6:12


They incited the people, the 1  elders, and the experts in the law; 2  then they approached Stephen, 3  seized him, and brought him before the council. 4 


Pr 15:18; Mt 26:57; Ac 4:1-3; Ac 5:18,27; Ac 13:50; Ac 14:2; Ac 16:19-21; Ac 17:5,13; Ac 17:5,6; Ac 18:12; Ac 21:27

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tn Grk “and the,” but καί (kai) has not been translated since English normally uses a coordinating conjunction only between the last two elements in a series of three or more.

tn Or “and the scribes.” See the note on the phrase “experts in the law” in 4:5.

tn Grk “approaching, they seized him”; the referent (Stephen) has been specified in the translation for clarity.

tn Or “the Sanhedrin” (the highest legal, legislative, and judicial body among the Jews). Stephen suffers just as Peter and John did.

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