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Acts 4:16


saying, “What should we do with these men? For it is plain 1  to all who live in Jerusalem that a notable miraculous sign 2  has come about through them, 3  and we cannot deny it.


Da 8:5,8; Mt 27:16; Lu 6:10,11; Lu 21:15; Joh 11:47,48; Joh 12:18; Ac 3:9,10; Ac 6:10

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tn Or “evident.”

tn Here σημεῖον (shmeion) has been translated as “miraculous sign” rather than simply “sign” or “miracle” since both components appear to be present in the context. It is clear that the healing of the lame man was a miracle, but for the Sanhedrin it was the value of the miraculous healing as a sign that concerned them because it gave attestation to the message of Peter and John. The sign “speaks” as Peter claimed in 3:11-16.

tn Or “has been done by them.”

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