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Acts 3:23


Every person 1  who does not obey that prophet will be destroyed and thus removed 2  from the people.’ 3 


De 18:19; Mr 16:16; Joh 3:18-20; Joh 8:24; Joh 12:48; Ac 13:38-41; 2Th 1:7-9; Heb 2:3; Heb 10:28-30,39; Heb 12:25; Re 13:8; Re 20:15

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tn Grk “every soul” (here “soul” is an idiom for the whole person).

tn Or “will be completely destroyed.” In Acts 3:23 the verb ἐξολεθρεύω (exoleqreuw) is translated “destroy and remove” by L&N 20.35.

sn A quotation from Deut 18:19, also Lev 23:29. The OT context of Lev 23:29 discusses what happened when one failed to honor atonement. One ignored the required sacrifice of God at one’s peril.

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