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Acts 3:10


and they recognized him as the man who used to sit and ask for donations 1  at the Beautiful Gate of the temple, and they were filled with astonishment and amazement 2  at what had happened to him.


Lu 4:36; Lu 9:43; Joh 5:20; Joh 9:3,18-21; Ac 2:7,12; Ac 3:2; Ac 4:14-16,21,22

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tn Grk “alms,” but this term is not in common use today, so the closest modern equivalent, “donations,” is used instead. The idea is that of a donation to charity.

sn Amazement is a frequent response to miracles of Jesus or the apostles. These took the ancients by as much surprise as they would people today. But in terms of response to what God is doing, amazement does not equal faith (Luke 4:36; 5:9, 26; 7:16).

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