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Acts 28:18


When 1  they had heard my case, 2  they wanted to release me, 3  because there was no basis for a death sentence 4  against me.


Ac 22:24,25,30; Ac 24:10,22; Ac 25:7,8; Ac 26:31

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tn Grk “who when.” Because of the length and complexity of the Greek sentence, the relative pronoun (“who”) has been replaced by the personal pronoun (“they”) and a new sentence begun at this point in the translation.

tn Or “had questioned me”; or “had examined me.” BDAG 66 s.v. ἀνακρίνω 2 states, “to conduct a judicial hearing, hear a case, question.”

sn They wanted to release me. See Acts 25:23-27.

tn Grk “no basis for death,” but in this context a sentence of death is clearly indicated.

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