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Acts 23:24


and provide mounts for Paul to ride 1  so that he may be brought safely to Felix 2  the governor.” 3 


Ne 2:12; Es 8:12; Mt 27:2; Lu 3:1; Lu 10:34; Ac 23:26,33-35; Ac 24:3,10,22-27; Ac 25:14

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tn Grk “provide mounts to put Paul on.”

sn Mounts for Paul to ride. The fact they were riding horses indicates they wanted everyone to move as quickly as possible.

sn Felix the governor was Antonius Felix, a freedman of Antonia, mother of the Emperor Claudius. He was the brother of Pallas and became procurator of Palestine in a.d. 52/53. His administration was notorious for its corruption, cynicism, and cruelty. According to the historian Tacitus (History 5.9) Felix “reveled in cruelty and lust, and wielded the power of a king with the mind of a slave.”

tn Grk “Felix the procurator.” The official Roman title has been translated as “governor” (BDAG 433 s.v. ἡγεμών 2).

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