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Acts 22:6


As 1  I was en route and near Damascus, 2  about noon a very bright 3  light from heaven 4  suddenly flashed 5  around me.


Ge 14:15; Ge 15:2; 2Sa 8:6; Isa 24:23; Mt 17:2; Ac 9:3-5; Ac 26:12; Ac 26:13; Re 1:16

NET © Notes

tn Grk “It happened that as.” The introductory phrase ἐγένετο (egeneto, “it happened that”), common in Luke (69 times) and Acts (54 times), is redundant in contemporary English and has not been translated.

tn Grk “going and nearing Damascus.”

sn En route and near Damascus. This is the first retelling of Paul’s Damascus Road experience in Acts (cf. Acts 9:1-9; the second retelling is in Acts 26:9-20).

tn BDAG 472 s.v. ἱκανός 3.b has “φῶς a very bright light Ac 22:6.”

tn Or “from the sky” (the same Greek word means both “heaven” and “sky”).

tn Or “shone.”

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