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Acts 21:31


While they were trying 1  to kill him, a report 2  was sent up 3  to the commanding officer 4  of the cohort 5  that all Jerusalem was in confusion. 6 


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tn Grk “seeking.”

tn Or “information” (originally concerning a crime; BDAG 1050 s.v. φάσις).

tn Grk “went up”; this verb is used because the report went up to the Antonia Fortress where the Roman garrison was stationed.

tn Grk “the chiliarch” (an officer in command of a thousand soldiers). In Greek the term χιλίαρχος (ciliarco") literally described the “commander of a thousand,” but it was used as the standard translation for the Latin tribunus militum or tribunus militare, the military tribune who commanded a cohort of 600 men.

sn A cohort was a Roman military unit of about 600 soldiers, one-tenth of a legion.

tn BDAG 953 s.v. συγχέω has “Pass. w. act.force be in confusionὅλη συγχύννεται ᾿Ιερουσαλήμ 21:31.”

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