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Acts 20:6


We 1  sailed away from Philippi 2  after the days of Unleavened Bread, 3  and within five days 4  we came to the others 5  in Troas, 6  where we stayed for seven days.


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sn This marks the beginning of another “we” section in Acts. These have been traditionally understood to mean that Luke was in the company of Paul for this part of the journey.

map For location see JP1 C1; JP2 C1; JP3 C1; JP4 C1.

sn The days of Unleavened Bread refer to the week following Passover. Originally an agricultural festival commemorating the beginning of harvest, it was celebrated for seven days beginning on the fifteenth day of the month Nisan (March-April). It was later combined with Passover (Exod 12:1-20; Ezek 45:21-24; Matt 26:17; Luke 22:1).

tn BDAG 160 s.v. ἄχρι 1.a.α has “. ἡμερῶν πέντε within five days Ac 20:6.”

tn Grk “to them”; the referent (the others mentioned in v. 4) has been specified in the translation for clarity.

sn Troas was a port city (and surrounding region) on the northwest coast of Asia Minor. From Philippi to Troas was about 125 mi (200 km).

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