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Acts 2:43


Reverential awe 1  came over everyone, 2  and many wonders and miraculous signs 3  came about by the apostles.


Es 8:17; Jer 33:9; Ho 3:5; Mr 16:17; Lu 7:16; Lu 8:37; Joh 14:12; Ac 3:6-9; Ac 4:33; Ac 5:11,13; Ac 5:12,15,16; Ac 9:34,40

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tn Or “Fear.”

tn Grk “on every soul” (here “soul” is an idiom for the whole person).

tn In this context the miraculous nature of these signs is implied. Cf. BDAG 920 s.v. σημεῖον 2.a.

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