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Acts 19:6


and when Paul placed 1  his hands on them, the Holy Spirit came 2  upon them, and they began to speak 3  in tongues and to prophesy. 4 


Ac 2:4; Ac 6:6; Ac 8:17-19; Ac 9:17; Ac 10:45,46; Ac 13:2; 1Co 12:8-11,28-30; 1Co 14:1-25; 1Ti 5:22; 2Ti 1:6

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tn Or “laid.”

sn The coming of the Holy Spirit here is another case where the Spirit comes and prophesy results in Acts (see Acts 2). Paul’s action parallels that of Peter (Acts 8) and not just with Gentiles.

tn The imperfect verb ἐλάλουν (elaloun) has been translated as an ingressive imperfect.

tn The imperfect verb ἐπροφήτευον (eprofhteuon) has been translated as an ingressive imperfect.

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