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Acts 19:36


So because these facts 1  are indisputable, 2  you must keep quiet 3  and not do anything reckless. 4 


Pr 14:29; Pr 25:8; Ac 5:35-39

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tn Grk “these things.”

tn The genitive absolute construction with the participle ὄντων (ontwn) has been translated as a causal adverbial participle. On the term translated “indisputable” see BDAG 68-69 s.v. ἀναντίρρητος which has “not to be contradicted, undeniable.”

tn Grk “it is necessary that you be quiet.”

tn L&N 88.98 has “pertaining to impetuous and reckless behavior – ‘reckless, impetuous.’…‘so then, you must calm down and not do anything reckless’ Ac 19:36.” The city secretary was asking that order be restored.

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