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Acts 18:21


but said farewell to 1  them and added, 2  “I will come back 3  to you again if God wills.” 4  Then 5  he set sail from Ephesus,


De 16:1; Mt 26:39; Lu 9:61; Ac 15:29; Ac 19:21; Ac 20:16; Ac 21:14; Ro 1:10; Ro 15:32; 1Co 4:19; 2Co 13:11; Php 2:19-24; Heb 6:3; Jas 4:15

NET © Notes

tn Or “but took leave of.”

tn Grk “and saying”; the participle εἰπών (eipwn) has been translated as “added” rather than “said” to avoid redundancy with the previous “said farewell.” The participle εἰπών has been translated as a finite verb due to requirements of contemporary English style.

tn Or “will return.”

tn The participle θέλοντος (qelontos), a genitive absolute construction, has been translated as a conditional adverbial participle. Again Paul acts in dependence on God.

tn A new sentence was begun here in the translation due to the length of the sentence in Greek and the requirements of contemporary English style, which generally uses shorter sentences.

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