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Acts 17:16


While Paul was waiting for them in Athens, 1  his spirit was greatly upset 2  because he saw 3  the city was full of idols.


Ex 32:19,20; Nu 25:6-11; 1Ki 19:10,14; Job 32:2,3,18-20; Ps 69:9; Ps 119:136,158; Jer 20:9; Mic 3:8; Mr 3:5; Joh 2:13; Ac 17:23; 2Pe 2:7

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map For location see JP1 C2; JP2 C2; JP3 C2; JP4 C2.

tn Grk “greatly upset within him,” but the words “within him” were not included in the translation because they are redundant in English. See L&N 88.189. The term could also be rendered “infuriated.”

sn His spirit was greatly upset. See Rom 1:18-32 for Paul’s feelings about idolatry. Yet he addressed both Jews and Gentiles with tact and reserve.

tn Or “when he saw.” The participle θεωροῦντος (qewrounto") has been translated as a causal adverbial participle; it could also be translated as temporal.

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