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Acts 15:24


Since we have heard that some have gone out from among us with no orders from us and have confused 1  you, upsetting 2  your minds 3  by what they said, 4 


Jer 23:16; Ac 15:1,9,10; Ga 2:3,4; Ga 2:4; Ga 5:4,12; Ga 6:12,13; 2Ti 2:14; Tit 1:10,11; 1Jo 2:19

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tn Here BDAG 990-91 s.v. ταράσσω 2 states, “Of mental confusion caused by false teachings ταρ. τινά Ac 15:24 (w. λόγοις foll.).”

tn BDAG 71 s.v. ἀνασκευάζω describes this verb with a figurative meaning: “to cause inward distress, upset, unsettle.”

tn Grk “souls.”

tn Grk “by words”; L&N 25.231 translates the phrase “they troubled and upset you by what they said.”

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