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Acts 11:20


But there were some men from Cyprus 1  and Cyrene 2  among them who came 3  to Antioch 4  and began to speak to the Greeks 5  too, proclaiming the good news of the Lord Jesus.


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NET © Notes

sn Cyprus was a large island in the Mediterranean off the south coast of Asia Minor.

sn Cyrene was a city on the northern African coast west of Egypt.

tn Grk “among them, coming to Antioch began to speak.” The participle ἐλθόντες (elqonte") has been translated as a finite verb due to requirements of contemporary English style.

sn Antioch was a city in Syria (not Antioch in Pisidia). See the note in 11:19.

sn The statement that some men from Cyprus and Cyrene…began to speak to the Greeks shows that Peter’s experience of reaching out to the Gentiles was not unique.

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