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Acts 10:20


But get up, 1  go down, and accompany them without hesitation, 2  because I have sent them.”


Isa 48:16; Zec 2:9-11; Mr 16:15; Ac 8:26; Ac 9:15; Ac 9:17; Ac 13:4; Ac 15:7

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tn Grk “But getting up, go down.” The participle ἀναστάς (anastas) has been translated as a finite verb due to requirements of contemporary English style.

tn The term means “without doubting” or “without deliberation.” It is a term of conscience and discernment. In effect, Peter is to listen to them rather than hesitate (BDAG 231 s.v. διακρίνω 6).

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