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2 Samuel 6:5


while David and all Israel 1  were energetically celebrating before the Lord, singing 2  and playing various stringed instruments, 3  tambourines, rattles, 4  and cymbals.


1Sa 10:5; 1Sa 16:16; 2Ki 3:15; 1Ch 13:8; 1Ch 15:10-24; Ps 47:5; Ps 68:25-27; Ps 150:3-5; Da 3:5,7,10,15; Am 5:23; Am 6:5

NET © Notes

tn Heb “all the house of Israel.”

tc Heb “were celebrating before the Lord with all woods of fir” (cf. KJV, ASV, NASB). If the text is retained, the last expression must be elliptical, referring to musical instruments made from fir wood. But it is preferable to emend the text in light of 1 Chr 13:8, which reads “were celebrating before the Lord with all strength and with songs.”

tn Heb “with zithers [?] and with harps.”

tn That is, “sistrums” (so NAB, NIV); ASV, NASB, NRSV, CEV, NLT “castanets.”

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