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2 Samuel 6:19


He then handed out to each member of the entire assembly of Israel, 1  both men and women, a portion of bread, a date cake, 2  and a raisin cake. Then all the people went home. 3 


1Ki 8:66; 1Ch 16:3; 2Ch 7:10; 2Ch 30:24; 2Ch 35:7,8,12,13; Ne 8:10; Eze 45:17; Ac 20:35; Eph 4:8

NET © Notes

tn Heb “to all the people, to all the throng of Israel.”

tn The Hebrew word used here אֶשְׁפָּר (’espar) is found in the OT only here and in the parallel passage found in 1 Chr 16:3. Its exact meaning is uncertain, although the context indicates that it was a food of some sort (cf. KJV “a good piece of flesh”; NRSV “a portion of meat”). The translation adopted here (“date cake”) follows the lead of the Greek translations of the LXX, Aquila, and Symmachus (cf. NASB, NIV, NLT).

tn Heb “and all the people went, each to his house.”

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