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2 Samuel 24:13


Gad went to David and told him, “Shall seven 1  years of famine come upon your land? Or shall you flee for three months from your enemy with him in hot pursuit? Or shall there be three days of plague in your land? Now decide 2  what I should tell the one who sent me.”


Le 26:16,25; Le 26:17,36,37; Le 26:20; De 28:22,27,35; De 28:25,52; 2Sa 21:1; 1Ki 17:1-7; 1Ch 21:12; Ps 91:6; Eze 14:13,21; Eze 14:19-21; Lu 4:25

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tc The LXX has here “three” rather than “seven,” and is followed by NAB, NIV, NCV, NRSV, TEV, NLT. See 1 Chr 21:12.

tn Heb “now know and see.”

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