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2 Samuel 22:35


He trains 1  my hands for battle; 2  my arms can bend even the strongest bow. 3 


Ps 18:33,34; Ps 46:9; Ps 144:1; Eze 39:3,9,10

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tn Heb “teaches.”

tn The psalmist attributes his skill with weapons to divine enabling. Egyptian reliefs picture gods teaching the king how to shoot a bow. See O. Keel, Symbolism of the Biblical World, 265.

tn Heb “and a bow of bronze is bent by my arms.” The verb נָחֵת (nakhet) apparently means “to pull back; to bend” here (see HALOT 692 s.v. נחת). The bronze bow referred to here was probably laminated with bronze strips, or a purely ceremonial or decorative bow made entirely from bronze. In the latter case the language is hyperbolic, for such a weapon would not be functional in battle.

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