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2 Samuel 22:17


He reached down from above and grabbed me; 1  he pulled me from the surging water. 2 


Ps 18:16; Ps 32:6; Ps 59:1,2; Ps 93:3,4; Ps 124:4,5; Ps 130:1; Ps 144:7; Isa 43:2; La 3:54; Re 17:15

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tn Heb “stretched.” Perhaps “his hand” should be supplied by ellipsis (see Ps 144:7). In this poetic narrative context the three prefixed verbal forms in this verse are best understood as preterites indicating past tense, not imperfects.

tn Heb “mighty waters.” The waters of the sea symbolize the psalmist’s powerful enemies, as well as the realm of death they represent (see v. 5 and Ps 144:7).

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