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2 Samuel 18:3


But the soldiers replied, 1  “You should not do this! 2  For if we should have to make a rapid retreat, they won’t be too concerned about us. 3  Even if half of us should die, they won’t be too concerned about us. But you 4  are like ten thousand of us! So it is better if you remain in the city for support.”


Ex 17:10-12; 2Sa 10:11; 2Sa 17:2; 2Sa 21:17; 1Ki 22:31; La 4:20; Zec 13:7

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tn Heb “the people said.”

tn Heb “march out.”

tn Heb “they will not place to us heart.”

tc The translation follows the LXX (except for the Lucianic recension), Symmachus, and Vulgate in reading אָתָּה (’atta, “you”) rather than MT עָתָּה (’atta, “now”).

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