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2 Samuel 14:11


She replied, “In that case, 1  let the king invoke the name of 2  the Lord your God so that the avenger of blood may not kill! Then they will not destroy my son!” He replied, “As surely as the Lord lives, not a single hair of your son’s head 3  will fall to the ground.”


Ge 14:22; Ge 24:2,3; Ge 31:50; Nu 35:19,27; De 19:4-10; Jos 20:3-6; 1Sa 14:45; 1Sa 20:42; 1Sa 28:10; 1Ki 1:52; Jer 4:2; Mt 10:30; Ac 27:34

NET © Notes

tn The words “in that case” are not in the Hebrew text, but may be inferred from the context. They are supplied in the translation for the sake of clarification.

tn Heb “let the king remember.”

tn Heb “of your son.”

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