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2 Samuel 12:14


Nonetheless, because you have treated the Lord with such contempt 1  in this matter, the son who has been born to you will certainly die.”


Ne 5:9; Ps 74:10; Ps 89:31-33; Ps 94:12; Pr 3:11,12; Isa 52:5; Eze 36:20-23; Am 3:2; Mt 18:7; Ro 2:24; 1Co 11:32; Heb 12:6; Re 3:19

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tc The MT has here “because you have caused the enemies of the Lord to treat the Lord with such contempt.” This is one of the so-called tiqqune sopherim, or “emendations of the scribes.” According to this ancient tradition, the scribes changed the text in order to soften somewhat the negative light in which David was presented. If that is the case, the MT reflects the altered text. The present translation departs from the MT here. Elsewhere the Piel stem of this verb means “treat with contempt,” but never “cause someone to treat with contempt.”

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