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2 Samuel 10:6


When the Ammonites realized that David was disgusted with them, 1  they 2  sent and hired 20,000 foot soldiers from Aram Beth Rehob and Aram Zobah, 3  in addition to 1,000 men from the king of Maacah and 12,000 men from Ish-tob. 4 


Ge 34:30; Ex 5:21; Jos 13:11-13; Jud 11:3,5; 1Sa 13:4; 1Sa 27:12; 2Sa 8:3,5,12; 1Ch 19:6,7; Pr 25:8; Isa 8:9,10

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tn Heb “that they were a stench [i.e., disgusting] with David.”

tn Heb “the Ammonites.”

tn Or “Arameans of Beth Rehob and Arameans of Zobah.”

tn Or perhaps “the men of Tob.” The ancient versions (the LXX, the Syriac Peshitta, and Vulgate) understand the name to be “Ish-tob.” It is possible that “Ish” is dittographic and that we should read simply “Tob,” a reading adopted by a number of recent English versions.

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