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2 Peter 1:8


For if 1  these things are really yours 2  and are continually increasing, 3  they will keep you from becoming 4  ineffective and unproductive in your pursuit of 5  knowing our Lord Jesus Christ more intimately. 6 


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tn The participles are evidently conditional, as most translations render them.

tn The participle ὑπάρχοντα (Juparconta) is stronger than the verb εἰμί (eimi), usually implying a permanent state. Hence, the addition of “really” is implied.

sn Continually increasing. There are evidently degrees of ownership of these qualities, implying degrees of productivity in one’s intimacy with Christ. An idiomatic rendering of the first part of v. 8 would be “For if you can claim ownership of these virtues in progressively increasing amounts…”

tn Grk “cause [you] not to become.”

tn Grk “unto,” “toward”; although it is possible to translate the preposition εἰς (eis) as simply “in.”

tn Grk “the [rich] knowledge of our Lord Jesus Christ.” Verse 8 in Greek does not make a full stop (period), for v. 9 begins with a subordinate relative pronoun. Contemporary English convention requires a full stop in translation, however.

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