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2 Kings 9:11


When Jehu rejoined 1  his master’s servants, they 2  asked him, “Is everything all right? 3  Why did this madman visit you?” He replied, “Ah, it’s not important. You know what kind of man he is and the kinds of things he says.” 4 


2Ki 4:26; 2Ki 5:21; 2Ki 9:17,19,22; Isa 59:15; Jer 29:26; Ho 9:7; Mr 3:21; Joh 10:20; Ac 17:18; Ac 26:24; 1Co 4:10; 2Co 5:13

NET © Notes

tn Heb “went out to.”

tc The MT has the singular, “he said,” but many witnesses correctly read the plural.

tn Heb “Is there peace?”

tn Heb “He said, ‘You, you know the man and his thoughts.’” Jehu tries to deflect their question by reminding them that the man is an eccentric individual who says strange things. His reply suggests that the man said nothing of importance. The translation seeks to bring out the tone and intent of Jehu’s reply.

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