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2 Kings 7:9


Then they said to one another, “It’s not right what we’re doing! This is a day to celebrate, but we haven’t told anyone. 1  If we wait until dawn, 2  we’ll be punished. 3  So come on, let’s go and inform the royal palace.”


Nu 32:23; 2Ki 5:26,27; 2Ki 7:3; 2Ki 7:6; Pr 24:16; Isa 41:27; Isa 52:7; Na 1:15; Hag 1:4,5; Lu 2:10; Php 2:4

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tn Heb “this day is a day of good news and we are keeping silent.”

tn Heb “the light of the morning.”

tn Heb “punishment will find us.”

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