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2 Kings 5:22


He answered, “Everything is fine. 1  My master sent me with this message, ‘Look, two servants of the prophets just arrived from the Ephraimite hill country. 2  Please give them a talent 3  of silver and two suits of clothes.’”


Ex 38:24-28; 1Ki 13:18; 1Ki 20:35; 1Ki 20:39; 2Ki 2:3; 2Ki 5:5; Isa 59:3; Jer 9:3,5; Joh 8:44; Ac 5:3,4; 2Co 12:16-18; Re 21:8

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tn Heb “peace.”

tn Heb “Look now, here, two servants came to me from the Ephraimite hill country, from the sons of the prophets.”

tn The Hebrew term כִּכָּר (kikkar, “circle”) refers generally to something that is round. When used of metals it can refer to a disk-shaped weight made of the metal or to a standard unit of weight, generally regarded as a talent. Since the accepted weight for a talent of metal is about 75 pounds, this would have amounted to about 75 pounds of silver (cf. NCV, NLT, CEV).

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