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2 Kings 3:25


They tore down the cities and each man threw a stone into every cultivated field until they were covered. 1  They stopped up every spring and chopped down every productive tree. Only Kir Hareseth was left intact, 2  but the slingers surrounded it and attacked it.


Ge 26:15,18; De 2:9; De 20:19,20; Jud 9:45; 2Sa 8:2; 2Ki 3:19; 2Ch 32:4; Isa 16:7,11; Isa 37:26,27; Jer 48:31,36

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tn Heb “and [on] every good portion they were throwing each man his stone and they filled it.” The vav + perfect (“and they filled”) here indicates customary action contemporary with the situation described in the preceding main clause (where a customary imperfect is used, “they were throwing”). See the note at 3:4.

tn Heb “until he had allowed its stones to remain in Kir Hareseth.”

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