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2 Kings 22:4


“Go up to Hilkiah the high priest and have him melt down 1  the silver that has been brought by the people to the Lord’s temple and has been collected by the guards at the door.


2Ki 12:4,8-11; 1Ch 6:13; 1Ch 9:11; 1Ch 9:19; 1Ch 26:13-19; 2Ch 8:14; 2Ch 24:8-12; 2Ch 34:9-18; Ne 11:19; Ps 84:10; Mr 12:41,42

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tc The MT has וְיַתֵּם (vÿyattem), “and let them add up” (Hiphil of תָּמָם [tammam], “be complete”), but the appearance of הִתִּיכוּ (hitikhu), “they melted down” (Hiphil of נָתַךְ [natakh], “pour out”) in v. 9 suggests that the verb form should be emended to וְיַתֵּךְ (vÿyattekh), “and let him melt down” (a Hiphil of נָתַךְ [natakh]). For a discussion of this and other options see M. Cogan and H. Tadmor, II Kings (AB), 281.

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