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2 Kings 22:13


“Go, seek an oracle from 1  the Lord for me and the people – for all Judah. Find out about 2  the words of this scroll that has been discovered. For the Lord’s fury has been ignited against us, 3  because our ancestors have not obeyed the words of this scroll by doing all that it instructs us to do.” 4 


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tn Or “inquire of.”

tn Heb “concerning.”

tn Heb “for great is the anger of the Lord which has been ignited against us.”

tn Heb “by doing all that is written concerning us.” Perhaps עָלֵינוּ (’alenu), “concerning us,” should be altered to עָלָיו (’alav), “upon it,” in which case one could translate, “by doing all that is written in it.”

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