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2 Kings 19:3


“This is what Hezekiah says: 1  ‘This is a day of distress, insults, 2  and humiliation, 3  as when a baby is ready to leave the birth canal, but the mother lacks the strength to push it through. 4 


2Ki 18:29; Ps 39:11; Ps 95:8; Ps 123:3,4; Isa 26:17,18; Isa 66:9; Jer 30:5-7; Ho 5:15; Ho 6:1; Ho 13:13; Heb 3:15,16

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tn In the Hebrew text this verse begins with “they said to him.”

tn Or “rebuke,” “correction.”

tn Or “contempt.”

tn Heb “when sons come to the cervical opening and there is no strength to give birth.”

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