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2 Kings 13:7


Jehoahaz had no army left 1  except for fifty horsemen, ten chariots, and 10,000 foot soldiers. The king of Syria had destroyed his troops 2  and trampled on them like dust. 3 


1Sa 13:6,7,15,19-23; 1Ki 20:15,27; 2Ki 8:12; 2Ki 10:32; Ps 18:42; Isa 36:8; Isa 41:2,15,16; Joe 3:14; Am 1:3

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tn Heb “Indeed he did not leave to Jehoahaz people.” The identity of the subject is uncertain, but the king of Syria, mentioned later in the verse, is a likely candidate.

tn Heb “them,” i.e., the remainder of this troops.

tn Heb “and made them like dust for trampling.”

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